DNR Podcast

DNR Podcast

DNR Podcast

By Matt Ryce

Edited by: Penita Wells

Winter can be rough. Between drag racers not getting their fix and stuck in garages, the photographers/videographers glued to their desks thumbing through hours and hours of old footage to produce new content, and the fans stuck on the couch watching the same old videos on replay, its safe to say everyone dies a little inside when the seasons change. 


During the season it’s an absolute madhouse. Everyone involved is running a million miles an hour, turning wrenches between rounds, getting that next round of footage lined up just right, going non-stop to keep the action going. 


Unfortunately, with everyone so focused on the task at hand, there's a lot of great interactions that fall by the wayside. They may be important tech tips, racer stories, or just the laughs that come along with spending a day at the track with your friends.  


Luckily it seems we have found just the cure. The wintertime blues that can’t be cured with getting in the car and making that hit, are eased by the help of friends and great conversation. 


We stumbled across this video from DNR Auto, which was originally a Facebook live feed (which they plan to do weekly), of a great time with Billy Hoskinson of Street Racing Channel, and Derek Rendon owner of Liam Nissan!


If you can't be racing, you can at least be talking about it!