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The Snow Performance Stage 3 Boost Cooler® is the most advanced water-methanol injection system for your EFI (electronic fuel injected) and forced induction (turbocharged/supercharged) vehicle. The Stage 3 creates a 2D injection map based off boost and fuel injector pulse width to deliver the most accurate and tunable water-meth delivery on the market. 


Taking it one step further the Stage 3 will control 2 Hyper-Sonic™ Nozzles independently of one another to solidly the exact amount of water-methanol is provided at all rpm ranges of the engine. This 2D map injection and dual stage technology translates into the most accurate injection curve and tuneability of any water-methanol system giving 50-110 HP gains and up to 150 degree reduction in air temps! Tie this in with the industry leading Snow Performance 300 PSI UHO pump, Hypersonic Nozzles™, and terminated weather tight OEM harnessed wiring connections and the Stage 3 promises to be the easiest and most effective water-methanol system on the market for your EFI and boosted vehicle.


*Kit includes:*

 * 300 PSI UHO (Ultra High Output) Pump

 * 3 Qt Reservoir

 * All Tubing Necessary for Installation 

        10' ¼ Inch High Temp Nylon Tubing

        18" High pressure Boost Line

 * Terminated Digital Variable Mapping Controller

 * Terminated Plug&Play Wire Harness

 * Power Solenoid Upgrade

 * Level Switch Upgrade

 * 2 Nozzle Holder/Check Valve Combo

 * 3 Hyper-Sonic™ Nozzles

 * Snow Performance Running S Decal

 * Required Hardware Needed For Installation

 * Comprehensive Instructions to Install on any EFI/Boosted Vehicle

 * Snow Performance 1-Year Warranty