DNR Auto Stage Two Turbo Package Billet 7875 with Injectors, WG, BOV

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Save money by packaging your turbo and accessories together! This package comes with the following:

1 VS Racing Billet 7875 Turbo

1 DNR Auto 50mm BOV

1 DNR Auto 44mm Waste Gate

8 Snake Eater Performance Deka Style 1500cc Injectors


VSR Billet 7875: 

Most popular unit for sub 800 hp Setups

Compresor: 78mm 11 Blade Billet Compressor Wheel extended tip for high flow


Turbine: GT42 75mm/82 Exducer/Inducer

Downpipe: 3″

Compressor Outlet 2.5″

Turbine Housing : .96ar T4 open


DNR Auto 50mm Bov: 

DNR Auto 50mm Blow Off Valve

Comes as pictured 


DNR Auto 44mm Waste Gate:

Comes with flanges, clamps, hardware, springs. Use all springs to net roughly 18psi 


Snake Eater Performance 1500cc Injectors: 

Snake Eater Fuel Injector with Jetronic Connector 1500cc (142 lb/hr@60PSI) Deka Style Body. Try and find another Deka style with 1300+ Flow @ 43 PSI and 1500cc @ 60 PSI stainless internals and Viton O-rings.

Coil Resistance: 12 Ohms (intended for use with factory ECM injector drivers)

Connector: Jetronic

Ring Type: Viton

Designed for high performance applications. Featuring a Deka style body and Jetronic connector. These high-impedance fuel injectors flow at a rate of 142 lb/hr (1500 cc/min) @ 60PSI (standard LS Engine Fuel Pressure). Custom tuning is recommended for proper operation. SEP Injectors are compatible with Standard Fuel and Ethanol flex fuels.

 Trick Turbo DIY Manifold Kit 

If you're a DIY person and want to build your own turbo manifold, this is the kit for you. This Do It Yourself kit comes with all the piping and flanges to build your own turbo manifold for any LS engine.  

Thick Wall Sch. 40 piping and bends.  Straight pipe is plenty long to cut for the up turn usually used in building your own turbo manifold.

Comes with Vband flanges  for your crossover connection, and T4 (is standard) or T6 turbo flanges.(CONTACT US FOR T6 FLANGE PRICING)  

This kit is all the raw materials needed for you to build your own  customturbo manifold only


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