Innovate DLG-1 Dual Lambda O2 Gauge Kit

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The Innovate DLG-1 Dual Lambda is one gauge with two widebands.  The perfect solution for all V8 engines.


 * Monitor left and right exhaust banks on one single gauge!

 * Perfect for all V configured engines

 * Plug & Play setup for both O2 sensors

 * No PC required for additional configuration

 * 52mm (2 1/16”) diameter gauge body

 * Interchangeable faceplates and bezels: Black and silver bezel, black and white faceplates included

 * User configurable OLED display (AFR or Lambda)

 * Multiple ways to display data on gauge

 * Patented DirectDigital wideband sensor control, 100% digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology!

 * Wideband O2 Compatible with several fuel types (Leaded, Unleaded, Diesel, E85 & more)

 * Ability to calibrate O2 sensors for maximum accuracy

 * Configurable linear 0-5v analog output for wideband O² for use with piggy back or stand alone ECU’s as well as external data loggers

 * Innovate MTS serial in/out (for use with other Innovate & 3rd party MTS enabled devices to add additional logging channels)

 * Datalog both O2 channels using powerful LogWorks software on your PC