Snake Eater 1500CC Injectors

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Snake Eater Fuel Injector with Jetronic Connector 1500cc (142 lb/hr@60PSI) Deka Style Body. Try and find another Deka style with 1300+ Flow @ 43 PSI and 1500cc @ 60 PSI stainless internals and Viton O-rings.

Coil Resistance: 12 Ohms (intended for use with factory ECM injector drivers)

Connector: Jetronic

Ring Type: Viton

Designed for high performance applications. Featuring a Deka style body and Jetronic connector. These high-impedance fuel injectors flow at a rate of 142 lb/hr (1500 cc/min) @ 60PSI (standard LS Engine Fuel Pressure). Custom tuning is recommended for proper operation. SEP Injectors are compatible with Standard Fuel and Ethanol flex fuels.

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