Snake Eater 210lb@43psi

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Snake Eater’s NEW Venom Edition 210lb/hr@43psi(3 Bar) Injector is a serious step up up for your fuel system! 2200cc/min@43psi and capable of running up to 9 Bar fuel pressure Stainless steel construction makes these compatible with Gas and E85 (Non-MTBE Fuels Only).

Using the super common and easily adapted Bosch EV14 / EV6 Plug. This is a High Impedance fuel injector, requiring no ECU Mods. These Injectors are tested and matched Here in the USA with ASNU Machinery for INSANE 1-2% variance delivering the kind of cylinder to cylinder AFR consistency you should expect from all injectors. The Ultra fast response times and linearity of all SEP injectors give smooth Idle and low end response not found in all injectors, especially not at this price point.

Injectors come with Dead time and Flow rating for your set for ease of tuning.

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