Turbo Header Manifold Downpipe Kit For 13-15 Camaro LS3 6.2 Engine

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CXRacing Turbo Header Downpipe Kit For 2013-2015 Chevrolet Camaro with LS3 Engine Single Turbo NA-T

This Kit Is for Headers and Downpipe ONLY. Turbo, Wastegate, Intercooler and Piping Kit Are NOT Included

304 Stainless High Flow Headers

Supports T4 Turbo with 3" Vband Exhaust Outlet. Makes Big Power (with Built Engine and T76 Turbo, Should Make 500-600 WHP at Around 15-18 PSI, or 400-500 WHP at 8-10 PSI)

Supports Dual 44mm Vband Wastegate

3" Stainless Steel Downpipes, Connect to Stock Catback Exhaust System

1. This Kit ONLY Fits Electric Power Steering, Does NOT Fit Traditional Power Steering Which Has a Pump At the Corner of the Engine (2009-2012 Model Year).
2. Need to Drill and Weld Oil Return Bung on Oil Pan (Need to Drop the Front Sub-Frame to Remove Oil Pan)
3. Need to Relocate Coil Packs (New Brackets Included)
4. Need to Run Longer Spark Plug Wire (NOT Included)
5. Need to Upgrade Fuel System (Such As Fuel Pump, Injectors, Spark Plug Etc, Not Included)
6. Need to Extend O2 Sensor Wires (NOT Included)
7. Need to Re-Tune the Engine (Talk to Your Tuner First)
Installation Guide Is Available From Our Website

This is CXRacing's Newest Product for The Application Stated. All Products Are Developed from The Ground up in Our R&D Center Based in The USA. Our Parts Are Designed and Built for Improved Performance Gains, with Excellent Fitment and Ease of Installation.

Chassis: 13-15 Chevrolet Camaro
Engine: LS3
Turbo: T76 Turbo

This is for the Turbo manifold Downpipe Hardware Kit ONLY and All Other Parts Shown are NOT INCLUDED. We Do Offer Different Combination of Kits Which Include These Other Products Shown, Please Check Our Other Products or Contact Us For More Information.

- Twin Turbo Header Downpipe Kit x1
- VBand Clamp x6
- Coil Pack Relocation Bracket x2